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paris influence fused with classic americana

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paris Cowgirl

home staging

Owl Creek Farm House
Owl Creek Farm House.jpg
Owl Creek Farm House.jpg
Owl Creek Farm House.jpg

owl creek farm house

Want to visualize a little of the Paris Cowgirl style?  Here is the living room of a home we decorated using curated pieces to complete the French farmhouse / American ranch look. For this room we used modern, new pieces mixed with rustic, old items.  As you click through the photos you'll see the anchor pieces are modern farmhouse:  slipcover sofas, a large chest and an over-sized coffee table.  The side tables are custom made using the flooring from a 1930's high school basketball court on top of two different 1950's bases. The table top accessories are also modern while the wall decor is completely vintage. Notice the 1920's windmill from a working ranch in northern California and the two genuine London trolley posters from the 1950's. 


*photography by L Parker Photography

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